When to use our Walk-In Clinic:
Walk-In Clinic care is for urgent medical conditions where prompt attention is needed, but there is not an immediate, serious threat to health or life. You should seek our Walk-In Clinic for:

ColdsFlu symptoms
Sore throatCough or upper respiratory symptoms
Ear or sinus painMinor burns and bruises
Scrapes and lacerationsSprains
Possible fracturesAsthma
Pediatric illnessesAbdominal pain
Rash or hivesStings and bites
HeadachesForeign object in eye or nose
Urinary symptomsWork related injuries

When NOT to use walk-in clinics and rather regular Emergency Care:

Emergency care is for sudden or unexpected medical conditions that could cause significant harm or death without prompt attention. You should call 911 or your affiliated ambulance service and seek emergency care for:

Chest pain (suspected heart attack or stroke)Amputation of limbs or deep wounds with severe bleeding
Sudden confusion, weakness, dizziness, numbness, severe headache or difficulty speaking or breathingSevere head injuries with loss of consciousness or new seizures
Major burns involving the face or large areas of the bodyVomiting blood
Smoke or chemical inhalationPoisoning, overdoses and suicidal behavior
Physical or sexual assaultPregnancy complications over 20 weeks including labor, bleeding, fluid leakage, decreased fetal movement

Patient care is provided by Xxpress Clinics, a licensed provider backed by the Public Health Department of the Dominican Republic which regulates  health services in Santo Domingo.

Xxpress Clinic Staff